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I am so grateful every time you reach out to me! Thank you!

This poster is going into my school library, I am a librarian and this is going to go above our makers space to spark some creativity and inspiration. Its a lovely poster!
Mrs Marsh, Bought 'In space' poster
Hi MartaOlgaKlara! I loved the leaves on this design as they reminded me of my childhood home and the variety or never-ending greenery we had in the backyard. It brought back wonderful memories!
Anonymous buyer from STATEN ISLAND, Bought 'Dark Green Palms Leaves Pattern'
I adore Paris so much! I visited Paris when I was 10 and the Eiffel Tower was one of the most beautiful structures I had ever seen. This design is super cute, especially with the flowers. Thank you for making it!
Anonymous, Bought 'Flower Eiffel Tower Paris' Print
I work at Redbubble on the People & Culture team in San Francisco. I am designing our new office, we move in just two weeks. I’ll be using your pouch on the wall in our Gold Conference room! Love love it!
Carrie Brandes, Bought 'Gold marble on white' pouch
I have a cactus theme in my room. This is exactly the tapestry I was looking for!
Emily Sarah, Bought 'Cacti Love' tapestry
Love the pattern and color scheme! I can’t wait to use this scarf; thank you!
Ms Loza, Bought a 'Blossom' scarf
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